Queer sexualized drug use

·2021 - 2022

Yale University Fund for Lesbian and Gay Studies

Explore the evolving sexualized drug use practices among queer people in Berlin during COVID-19 lockdowns

Opioid addiction treatment rollout in Pakistan

·2021 - 2022

The Joint United Nations Programme on HIV/AIDS, Islamabad, Pakistan

Design and coordinate research on the feasibility of implementing a methadone maintenance program to treat opioid dependence in Pakistan

Criminal subculture in Moldovan and Kyrgyz prisons

·2021 - 2022

Council of Europe

Led a team of 15 researchers to conduct first ever sociological study of criminal subculture in Ukrainian, Moldovan, and Kyrgyz prisons and its impact on health

Transgender community care practices during COVID-19

·2020 - 2021

Yale School of Public Health

Qualitative study researching communal informal healthcare practices among trans Berliners during COVID-19 lockdowns

Burden of infectious diseases among people in post-Soviet prisons

·2012 - 2015

United Nations Office on Drugs & Crime – Central Asia

Implemented the first representative biobehavioral health survey in the prisons of Ukraine, Kyrgyzstan, and Azerbaijan surveying 1,000+ people in prison to determine drivers of the HIV epidemic

Developed a protocol for transition from prison to community addiction care for people in prison

Identity politics in contemporary Ukrainian literature

·2009 - 2011

U.S. Fulbright Fellowship

Analyzed Ukrainian and Russian political relations through the lens of surzhyk--a hybrid Ukrainian/Russian langauge--in contemporary Ukrainian texts